Yep. Read the title. Digital Barbershop has moved. Specifically, to Wordpress.

it’s not you, it’s me

It really doesn’t have anything to do with what tumblr lacks — just all of the stuff that WordPress DOESN’T. 

Wait that made no sense…

Regardless, this is for anyone who had either bookmarked the site before the move, or for anyone who finds this tumblog on Google (and I’m assuming you’re using Google to search, because why the hell wouldn’t you). 

Again, the url is

See you at the .com, kids. 


Upcoming Reviews: A Sandwich, and Possibly Doom


2 year old Birthday.

Floor of my Nana’s kitchen.

Playing with an oil powered, steam-spouting Godzilla. Best Birthday, still.

REVIEW: “My Dream Last Night”

I think there was a computer or a tv in the air and I was there but out of body yelling at (with?) the screen and then I was on the ground but in a submarine…

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REVIEW: “Codename Generator”

It bears mentioning, before we launch into the review, that this is not merely an arbitrary quantification of quality. 

This, is the Origin of the Digital Barbershop Namesake.

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Hi There, Here We Go

Allow me to explain myself.

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